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Doing it yourself vs hiring a pro

Have you ever thrown together a business card or brochure by yourself, only to have it come back from the printer with problems you didn’t anticipate? To fix and reprint it now will cost you even more time and money! If you had hired a professional to begin with, you could have avoided this scenario. I understand the terms:

  • CMYK vs. RGB

  • Image Resolution

  • Plain Black vs. Rich Black

  • Bleed

  • Double Gate Fold, Roll Fold and Z-Fold

  • Crop Marks

  • Outlining or embedding Fonts

These are all things most of my clients had problems with before they came to me. I’m an expert at preparing files for print and foreseeing any possible issues, in order to save you from costly mistakes.

So if your business needs a helping hand with your next design and print project please get in contact today.

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